At Akuna Matada Ranch, we work with artists from India and Suri alpaca fiber to create hand spun, hand knotted Suri Alpaca Persian rugs.  Stunning Rare Fiber, Ancient Craftsmanship, One-of-a-Kind.

Akuna Matada Suris has been raising Suris since 2005.  They have been an advocate to the industry by promoting Suri alpacas and their fiber.  Using all the tools- Histograms, Skin Biopsies, SHIP- Suri herd improvement program and culling, they produce uniform, dense and grade-appropriate fleece for a U.S. commercial market.

Owner Deb Christner has promoted educational programs and tools to achieve this goal.  She was the head of the Suri Network Product Development Committee for 4 years, during her tenure she oversaw the production of the P2P educational video.  Deb sat on the Suri Network board for 4 years, during this time she spearheaded the Suri Network branding initiative-Suri Simply Stunning™ and was the board liaison for SHIP. is very involved with the Suri Network.

Deb was honored to receive The Judy Steele award from the Suri Network in 2020.

She has worked with many knowledgeable fiber people and sorts and grade fiber for The North American Suri Co.

Skilled weavers in India began experimenting with Suri Alpaca Fiber in 2015. They soon fell in love with Suri fiber, as it had the luster and straight silky locks they were looking for, and so many natural colors to work with.

Akuna Matada Suri Ranch works with a family-run company in India that creates beautiful Hand Knotted Persian Rugs from Suri Fiber.

The only Persian rugs in the world made from Suri Alpaca fiber.  We are the sole North American distributor of theses  one-of-a-kind rugs.

  • Suri Alpaca Persian Hand-knotted Persian Rug – Hexa Modern, Grey- Available Now

  • Suri Alpaca Persian Hand-knotted Persian Rug #1506- Available Now

  • Suri Alpaca Persian Hand-knotted Persian Rug #1610, Grey/Sand

What our Customers Say…

    Meet the Alpacas!

    Hover over photos for interesting facts. Shearing Alpacas is a safe and healthy event and the animals are not killed or harmed by the process.

    Alpacas are Member of the Camelid family, other members are Camels, Llamas, Guanaco and Vicuña
    Alpacas were first imported into the U.S. in 1984
    There are two types of alpacas. Huyacayas have highly crimped fiber which looks like a teddy bear and Suri have long locks, with lustrous fiber.